It's habit Forming! It's habit Forming!

About the Maker of Santa Fe Chili Gravy™

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My first product, Santa Fe Chili Gravy, brings you the rich flavor of a savory, dark red chili sauce without the effort needed to prepare it from scratch ingredients. Other products will follow, because busy people deserve to have convenient meals without sacrificing flavor.

I founded Habit Forming Foods to bring an entirely new southwestern-style food product to market, and to reach beyond traditional ethnic food lovers to a broader market of people with eclectic tastes who love novel and international flavors. I want us to be known for bringing flavorful and convenient foods to the lives of people who are not content with ordinary convenience foods.

Ron Enfield
Owner, Habit Forming Foods, LLC

Contact Information

Habit Forming Foods, LLC
P. O. Box 8332
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

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