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Home Of Santa Fe Chili Gravy™—The Rich, Dark Red Chili Sauce

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Turn Any†Meal into a Southwestern Feast!

Adding new dimensions to ordinary food, our savory red chili sauce is the glamorous Hollywood cousin to your otherwise standard New Mexico red Chili Sauce. Inspired by a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, our patented* Santa Fe Chili Gravy is a unique new flavor ó a slightly sweet, aromatic, spicy sauce with a complex flavor and velvety smooth texture that is perfect for almost any Mexican style dish that calls for red chili.

Santa Fe Chili Gravy is a vegetarian mix that contains no fat, additives, cholesterol or preservatives and takes just minutes to prepare. Take a moment to check out our Recipes page and see just how easy preparation can be.

Of course, our famous Santa Fe Chili Gravy is ideal for your Mexican themed recipes (Tacos! Tamales! Enchiladas! Taquitos! Quesadillas!), but you can let your imagination go wild! Spice up your macaroni and cheese, or add a kick to your hot chocolate or cakes! Add it to ramen noodle soup or as an addition to cold salads! Some of our customers use it as a dry rub or as a flavorful marinade for steak, chicken, fish and vegetables.

Are you ready to Spice Things Up?

Buy some Santa Fe Chili Gravy today and turn your ordinary food into something extraordinary! If you are not completely satisfied, send us an email at info "@" and we will refund your money. 100% Guaranteed.

Manufactured in the United States by an established spice blending company that is fully licensed, inspected, and certified kosher, one package of Santa Fe Chili Gravy makes 8 fluid ounces of sauce thatís only 15 calories and contains just 4 grams carbohydrates per serving.

* U.S. Patent No. 8,491,952

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